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Off to second city to museum hop..

In and out of the Studio February and March-

February’s mild weather made it a perfect time to head up to Chicago to check out the Museum of Contemporary Art. Laurel and I set out on a drive to the South Shore Station in Chesterton and rode the train into the Millennium Park Station at Jackson and Michigan and made a day of it! We had lunch and then headed out to the Museum of Contemporary Art.

I was particularly interested in seeing Riot Grrrls, female artist making bold abstract paintings. Mary Heilmann, Charline von Heyl and the meticulous Tomma Abts are a few of my favorites who were featured.

Laurel and I head up to Chicago on the South Shore Train


Mary Heilmann Metropolitan, 1999

Charline von Heyl Alastor, 2008

Tomma Abts Dele, 2014

This exhibition was rather small it will be up until June. A large part of the Museum was dedicated to the Merce Cunningham Exhibition. It showcased his work with many artist including Warhol, John Cage, Frank Stella Jasper Johns, and Bruce Nauman. It was a fantastic journey showcasing the interchange between dance and contemporary art.

From there we headed to the Chicago Art Institute just for a meander through the impressionists. Great to explore again their understanding and use of color.

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